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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is one of the most challenging conditions to diagnose and treat. Currently, most of the countries around the world can only deal with CRPS through pain managing treatments that may simply give some temporary relief. Italy’s choice, instead, is treating CRPS in its core via the infusions of one specific bisphosphonate, called Neridronate.

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The Department of Medicine, Section of Rheumatology in the University of Verona, is a true excellence in the field, not only in Italy but in the world as well: it is responsible for many breakthrough therapies in rheumatic conditions like the Neridronate infusions for CRPS. Through a partnership with other Universities in Italy, it was possible for Verona hospital to create a protocol that has seen real results.

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Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Its symptoms are swelling, redness, tingling, muscular atrophy, difficulty in normal movements, joint pain and – in the worst cases – deformation of the bones. It may affect a person at any age and, if not treated, or not diagnosed, its degenerative effects will increase fast.

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Arthrosis is a Rheumatic degenerative disease that affects mostly adult patients. Arthrosis involves the joints whose role is of sustaining one’s weight (knees, hips) or of every day mobility (hands, shoulders). With age, cartilage thinning and deformation of the bones will be added to the deterioration of the joints of Chronic Arthrosis patients causing intense pain

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The trigeminal neuralgia is a Chronic Illness, which gives excruciating pain to the simplest movement, such as talking, chewing, doing one’s make-up, shaving, taking a shower, and even a hypersensitivity to the senses (for example, sound/touch).

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